Case Studies

Here are a few examples of people in the news trade who we have helped recently.

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  • David was a driver working nights, taking papers to wholesalers when he suffered a heart attack. Fortunately he survived but is now unable to work and has a family to support.
  • Alan and his wife Janet were both employed at a distributors and retired after many years of service. Alan ploughed his savings into a business which unfortunately failed leaving enormous debts.
  • Jim and Mavis were news retailers for over 30 years and saw many changes in the industry, some good, some bad. Jim lives with his daughter since he was no longer able to continue caring for his wife at home so Mavis is now living in a residential care home. Jim feels they have little to show for their 48 years of married life but is grateful for the support that NewstrAid gave to both he and Mavis individually, giving each some financial independence.

Newsagents represent 60% of our beneficiaries. Business once flourished and news retailers did well but deregulation leading to supermarkets selling papers as well as a frightening increase in crime has deeply affected this industry. NewstrAid can support qualifying newsagents once their trading has ceased.