Regular donations

There are a number of ways you can support the work of the UK news trade’s own charity.

If you are a news retailer:

You can contribute 40p a week via your news wholesaler’s weekly invoice. This is called a Retailer Charitable Donation (RCD).

You can enter your local area committee’s “200 Club”. Most of our UK wide national network of local area committees, staffed by volunteers from all sections of the news trade, run a “200 Club” – technically called a Small Society Lottery. For a weekly entry fee ranging from £1 to £1.60, depending upon the local area committee, newsagents are entered to that area committee’s monthly (in one case, quarterly) random draw for a variety of cash prizes. Depending upon the area, prizes can range from £25 up to a whopping £2,000. Each local area committee decides what prizes they will offer and what entry fee to charge but they all add up to a huge number of prize winning opportunities for newsagents. No running costs are taken out and the difference between the prize money paid out and the entry fees collected all goes towards the less fortunate people from the UK news trade that the charity helps. Prizes are paid via your news wholesaler’s weekly invoice. If you are a newsagent but not already in your local area committee’s “200 Club”, it’s a wonderful way to support the charity – and get your hands on some magnificent cash prizes! The odds are far, far better than the National Lottery!

NewstrAid runs an annual Grand Summer Draw. Each year prizes totalling over £7,000 are paid to winners in our annual raffle. Look out for the letters regarding the draw, sent to each year by your news wholesaler.

If you are a private individual:

You can become a “member” of the charity by donating £20 on an annual basis and with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

You can become a “Life member” of the charity by a one-off payment of £200 and with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

A legacy in your will is always a special way to celebrate your life and benefit those of your colleagues from the UK news trade who struggle to cope.

If you wish to cease making a contribution:

If you are currently making a regular contribution via your news wholesaler’s weekly invoice, either by donating 40p a week as a Retailer Charitable Donation (RCD) or by membership of one of the various area committee “200 Clubs” but wish to cease either of those amounts, just press the button below

Also, if you wish to cease to receive the annual Grand Summer Draw information, please just press the “Please stop my contribution” button.


Please remember: we help everyone who is or has been in the UK news trade whether they have supported us or never given us one penny. Details of a trade connection can be found at “Apply for welfare”.